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the de Forest of Avesnes, from the 1st Crusade on

The DeFreest/DeForest Family History

The family name originated from the village of Forest in the canton of Landrecies near Avesnes, France.
The first record of the de Forest family was published in 1660 by Jean le Carpentier in his history of Cambresis in which he mentions the following bearers of the de Forest name, the exact lineage remaining unidentified:
  • Hubert de Forest, a Chevalier or Knight of the First Crusade in 1096.
    A depiction of the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 from a medieval manuscript. The burning buildings of Jerusalem are centered in the image. The various crusaders are surrounding and besieging the village armed for an attack.
  • Between 1111 and 1120, Gerard de Forest witnessed a gift made by the Countess of Flanders and the Durchess of Lorraine in St. Amanden-Pevele.
  • In 1171, Hugues de Forest and his brother Gilles made a gift of land to the Abbey of Marchiennes.
  • A little later, in 1180, the Chevalier Ansel de Forest of Cambresis is mentioned as having sold "church tenths".
    First fruits are a payment equal to the annual value of the ecclesiastical benefice or spiritual preferment ... Tenths are an annual payment of one-tenth of the first fruits. .... they should be regarded as a permanent charge upon the benefices and other offices. The charges,...were originally a Papal charge paid over to the representatives of the Vatican during the early Middle Ages.
  • Records of 1221 mention Gautier de Forest as Provost of Quesnoy and Bailli of Ghent and 7 years later, in 1228, Walter de Forest was Bailli of the Counties of Flanders and Hainaut, and a Pierre de Forest is mentioned in records of 1233.
    File:Blason ville fr Le Quesnoy (Nord).svgGautier de Forest, provost of Quesnoy and bailli of Ghent, gives sentence on the 6th January 1221, confirming the rights of the abbey of Marchiennes over Abscon in Ostrevant, now the canton of Bou chain. Seal: a tree.  Walter de Forest, probably the above Gautier, bailli of the counties of Flanders and Hainaut, with Otto de Trazegnies and Fastre de Ligne, sitting at Mons 17th March 1228, adjudicates and terminates a difference concerning 99 dimes (tithes) between the abbey of Cambron and Ivon de Neuville knight De Truet (cartulaire of the abbey of Cambron, page 789)

    from the appendix of:  The De Forests of Avesnes (and of New Netherland): a Huguenot thread in American colonial history, 1494 to the present time, with three heraldic illustrations

  • In 1383 to 1384 the records of the Count of Hainaut speak of purchasing two pigs from Jehan de Forest at a feast held in honor of St. Jehan in Quesnoy. There are other references to Jehan de Forest during this same period.
  • In 1408, Thomas de Forest was taxed in the domain of Forest, and in 1436 there is mention of a freehold held by the Abbey and acquired from Thomas de Forest.
  • In 1466, Pierre de Forest is mentioned in connection with several houses, fields and lands.
( Google book in French

 Jean le Carpentier in his history of Cambresis then proceeds to discuss our direct ancestors:
First there is mention of Gaspard de Forest.

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